The brief called for a unification of Teva Pharmaceutical's voice across borders and cultures, while expressing the brand's values of quality, accessibility and simplicity. The idea was to present Teva as a friendly brand, intent on allowing people to live their lives, by delivering quality medicine at affordable prices. Every aspect of the brand language, from color schemes to the choice of font, stemmed from that point. The situation we had to deal with was one where every piece of communication done globally was being designed with no guiding rules. Even the logo itself was appearing in different forms and shades of green. I was asked to retain the existing logo, which had been designed in the 80's by dan resigner, and complement it with a graphic system that would be simple enough to be easily understood and implemented throughout Teva's global communications network, and at the same time flexible enough to allow for creative input. The decision to place the logo within a square was a direct response to having seen it appear in every different size, color and placement in materials from around the world. Within these compositions, the logo was lost. the square acts as a focusing element, allowing the logo to stand out even when it is relatively small. This works especially well when it is the only white element on the page.

photo: gadi dagon
booth design for CPHI madrid 2012, implemented by decoexpo s.l.
copy reads: when people say "thank you, teva", they mean you.
( internal campaign for factory workers )
following are pages from the corporate language styleguide
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